Northern Pacific main line trains arerunning irregularly on account of washouts in Idaho and Montana. Or., May 30.— A1l the highwater records were beateu here at 1 o'clockthis afternoon when the river reachedtwenty-eight and nine-tenths feet above thelow-water mark. The clinic on the holiday break the amsterdam café on the campbell river could even use the perfect product for a noticeable threshold. The Abbotsford Post was published in Abbotsford, in the Fraser Valley region of southwestern British Columbia. All were also deprived of their right to take part in publicfunctions. Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1, General Inquiries 'Fretfrom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,40 YEARS THE STANDARD. 6. In the interview Mr. Keed says:"You in England want us to lowerduties. Legal | South Dyke Trail is a 5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Richmond, British Columbia, Canada that features a river and is good for all skill levels. Theywould not state their destination, butthey will probably follow in the wake ofthe Barker contingent.Protest Against Lynchings.London, May 30— Miss Ida Wells lectured last night before the Democrat Club.She bad a large audience. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. 222. Abbotsford Council will hold a Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m. on January 21, 2013, in the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B.C., under the … Amy Lee, born in Riverside, California, singer, songwriter, pianist, member and lead vocalist for Evanescence rock band; 1979. 100. Thespeech was an address io r crowded couference of the Scotch members of husbandry, and had for its subject: "Bimetallism in Kelation to AgriculturalDepression. Telegraph wires have beendown all tlie week, so particulars aro meager. DeiutyFelice was sentenced to eighteen years'solitary confinement and to three years'police supervision; Hoseo, Barbarto andVerro were sentenced to twelve years'solitary confinement; Montal to ten years',and Pino to five years'. "Commodore"Kully had planned to leave to-morrow,but will be unable to do so because of asplit in the ranks caused by dissensions oflong standing. 1925: Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins . Matsqui is a Sto:Lo word meaning a stretch of higher ground. Look for the abundant bird life. It is hoped a train mayreach here to-morrow or Friday, but thepassengers will be transferred severaltimes and make the journey partly bysteamers. He was taken to a hospital and there died.General Hewston stated to the policettiat he was passing through Grays road,and when near Acton street musicianswho were playing in the road molestedhim. 212. 6. 101. The Poco Trail is one of the most popular rides in Metro Vancouver. Oneman wa9 shot and a number of otherswere injured. He spoke regretfully of thetime wasted by the Chamber in agreeingto the financial measure, and said tho delay tended to add to the difficulties of thesituation. —The presentation of the silver table service to ex-Consul-Genernl Crawford as a Russiantestimonial of his efforts to improve theRusso-Anierican relations was made by adeputation headed by Minister of FinanceWitta for the Czar. 223. A great many houses nnd barnsare afloat, moored to the banks and theirowners are fearful that the current willcarry them away. The disasier occurred last Sunday morning. The British Commissioners, henddecf, studied the price of wheat ivAmerica in 1879, and believed that it nevercould be exported cheaper than 40 shillingsper quarter. 216. Mic/Getty "Everybody fucks around in prison," 60-year-old Sally* told Mic in a phone interview. It isevidently important for debtor nations, onwhich list we stand first, to raise the priceof silver and thereby reduce that bountyon exports which Asia now enjoys. Dr. The Order Paper and Notice Paper contains the listing of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day, and notices for upcoming items.. For an advanced search, use Publication Search tool. Leigue-i 47, M. Poiucalre 33 and M.Barthou "2 years old. His remains were sentto Milwaukee for burial.Mrs. We urgently need your help this holiday season. Trial substitute it looks exactly where he enjoyed a cannabis store. COMMITTEES … The combination is quite as reassuring ab was the Cabinet of SI. Yourecognize, of course, that the position hasentirely changed in the past six months;the previous enormous compulsorymonthly purchases of silver, a mostvicious proceeding, went far to confusemen's minds and to disguise thefact that there was really a seriouscurrency problem to be solved. He hasdelayed the appointment to.i long now toplease the Democrats. From Beach Grove the Boundary Bay Regional Greenway Dyke Trail to Mud Bay Regional Park is 17k of wonderful uninterrupted trail. Colonel Speed of Sacramento lias succeeded in Rotting CompaniesN, li. Dogs are also able to use this trail. It looks as though they’ll have to start testing all trial winners as well as raceday winners. Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1963 or use the U.S. 210. The argument in favor ofmonometallism is based on the fact thatenormous quantities of gold are lyine idlein the Bank ot England and is erroneous, as this merely points to the way toinvest in industry and enterprise, in thefare of falling prices. THERAPIC CENTER S.R.L. Type of Event: AAC Agility Trial ... Trial Information Trial held at Highrun Dog Sports in Pitt Meadows. The floodwas due to a rapid rise of Salmon Creek,which runs through the town. R318-2007 CARRIED. Tullocti, drugs;C. F. Haul, hardware-store; L. Linder.livery stable; William Shuffeldt, barbershop; H. W. Thompson, Outlook, and allthe residence* between the conuentratorand town, a distance ot a mile and a half.Mrs. The Mission railroad bridge is expected to go every hour. Inthe vicinity of the Grant monument, wherean immense crowd had assembled. Matsqui was much bigger, and senior in years. Wednesday, December 18, 1974 ecember 18, 1974 ituaries . In the face of a diminution ofthe customs receipts, due not to economicdepression but to an unfavorable cold exchange, the proposals of the committee,he declared, were inadequate, even if theywere all approved, but yet the Chamberhad already refused to agree to the committee's recommendation of 20,000.000 liremilitary retrenchment Signer Sonninocondemned the persons who pretendedthat the taxable capacity of the countrywas exhausted. TCT is pleased to announce the launch of the Seasonal Cleanup Grant Program. The Carol Burnett Show Official Recommended for you Themen seemed bent on mischief, however,and continued to insult him. "President Cleveland sat through the entire programme, which lasted six hours,but did not speak. Sally was in … They wanted General Backus turned out before his termexpired, which was about ten days aeo.Cleveland tells everybody that he likesMeCoppin, and thinks he would make ngood postmaster and ba popular with thepeople; but Mneuire Is no vigorously opposed to him that the President cannotappoint him without offending Maguire,who believes that McCoppin tried to Injure him in the estimation of PresidentCleveland.Judge Maßiiire recently told the President that the railroad crowd had alreadyhad enough.If McCopplD Is appointed Judge Magulrewill resent It as a personal affront to himself. Flags hungat half-mast on the public buildines andthe streets were crowded with uniformedveteransjand sightseers. The trail circles Port Coquitlam weaving through parks and on the dykes of three rivers: Coquitlam, Pitt, and Fraser. Jobs | It contains, however, a number of good speakers, and themembers arc all animated by the best intentions. No trains have come on the Canadian Pacific for a week. The point of the umbrella entered the eye of Burton, one of his assailants, and he fell. She diedalmost instantly.The news agent, O. W. Bosley, sufferedexcruciating rain and died at 10 o'clockthis morning. Many otherbodies are .reported having been seen inthe stream.At Morris steamers travel across wherefarming land 9 u»ed to be. "MOST FERFECT MADE.A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. The latest report says the Matsqui dyke has caved in and the country is all flooded. Pico,on the other hand, testified that De Fpiiceonly awaited the arrival of Quantises ofdynamite which had been purchase! Accessibility | Almlra Keith lost her life. It’s flat, off road, and scenic…the perfect combo for a great day. {Superior Indian Kheatwas sold last week at Hull for 19 shillines3 pence per quarter.Continuing, he said the majority of thefarmers believed that the fall in prices•was due to foreign competition, and thatthe remedy was protection, but the factthat half the countries of the Continentand the United States, while imposing theheaviest duties on import produce, complain nf agricultural depression, refutesthis argument. The Debates are the report—transcribed, edited, and corrected—of what is said in the House. .2 Matsqui Prairie and Sumas Prairie Dyking Drainage and Irrigation Election Results Moved by Mayor Banman, seconded by A. Fadden, that Report No. Roccamo, J. reviewed the heavy onus on parties seeking summary judgment at para. Paul to Kelso. Tney took with themtheir treasure and everything else of value,leaving 128 of their number behind destitute. "People have more sex in prison than they do on … M.Querio: Marine. Mambulr IT then asked them for theirloyal support and made a speech in whichthere were many significant references.After the fight troops arrived and occupiedthe streets iv the vicinity. A. L. Martin of Indiana, chairman of the Committee on Pensions, delivered an eloquent oration and Colonel JohnA. At least a further rise of onefoot is expected in this city.Vancouver. 209. A surgeon extracted his eye,but nothing could be done to save the sufferer and he died at 10 o'clock to-night.An official of the United States embassyvisited the police station and offered bailfor the release of General Hewston, butit was refused. Every business house Intown was destroyed. RepresentativeHudson will apply to some Justice of theSupreme Court for a writ.Boise, Idaho, May 30.— Judge Beattythis morning discharged John O'Connorand Charles liager. Some think it wa< from a weakness in the track, while others, railrondmen, are inclined to believe the switch hadbeen tampered with.The town of Manville.where the accidenthappened, was almost totally destroyed byOre last fall, and since then there has beenlittle there except the railway station.The north-bouiid passenger, which passedthe south-bound here, went to the ;-eene ofthe accident with physicians and nurses.The wounded were brought here and thedepot turned into a hospital.There were about fifty passengers, andothers may be yet found to swell the listof the burned.MAGLIRE PROTESTS.It Looks as Though MeCoppin WouldWin.Washington; May 30— Californianswho have seen President Cleveland SHy heis in a quandary over the appointment (ifh Postmaster at San Francisco. The sal mon-run bridge collapsed yesterday after noon. Just as the engine reached the upper switch at Manville, and while goingdown grade at a terrific rate of speed, itjumped from tue main track on to theside track, and rol.ed down a slight embankment with the tender on top, turnedbottom up. Theflesh from both arms were literally burnedoff, exposing the bones, and both legs wereburned off.\V. A. Llnscombe ofWashington, who defended the lender,havedrawn np an application for a writ ofhabeas corpus to secure the release ofCoxey, Brown and Jones on the groundthat the law under which they were convicted is unconstitutional. and decided to give the RV a one-night trial on a nearby mountain where we pasture some cattle every summer. Hardly a surprise for McDonald, whose extreme problems with a Neptune-Mars negative in 2015 were predicted a few months back. Inspector General | Thefight, while It lasted, was fierce, and anumber of revolver shots were fired. For years past theyDave been posluE a3 the friends of silverand because you people in England closethe lnaian mints aud put a duty on silverbullion, those friends of free silver amnow preparing to reward your generosityby lowering duties all around. John Wagner, an elderly lady enroute from Butte, Mont., to Manitou, wasdreadfully disfigured, her face and bodybeing terribly cut and bruised. The general raised his cane to wardoff the blow and the ferule by accidentpenetrated the eye of Barton, one of the !musicians, arid extended to the brain. Several members of Congress tookpart In the exercises in the different cemeteries, while among the onlookers weresome statesmen who had fought for theConfederacy.Whatever of bitterness may have beenthe inheritance from tne war seemed tohave been forgotten, and the Confederate graves were decorated withthose of their one - time enemies.Most uf the great generals of thewar are buried about Washington, sothat fiiends and former comrades hadmany conspicuous monuments to decorate.There was a long parade in the morning,participated in by the district military,under command of General Albert Ordway,and the G. A. H. posts, and the ceremoniesat the cemetery began at noon. Chronicling America is sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Minister Peteroff appeared at a window of the palace whilethe figlitlnc was going on and announcedthat ihe Prince begged that the policewould refrain from demonstration.«Signaled the Valkyrie.Glasgow. Do something great for The Great Trail, and the Trail will do something great for you. 227. Purchase cannabis : fort nelson. 105 miles distant. Once sentenced, if the sentence is over 2 years, they would go to a Federal Penitentiary, and could go to any province. The sentences of the, othersranged from one to three years. Add to this a hightariff and we can keep cur gold at home,or at least if sold it will quickly comebackagain. The real cause, hesaid, was the demonetization of silver Jn. The army leftcamp this evening, and after being j linedby several local assemblies of the Knightsof Labor inarched to Twelfth street. External Link Disclaimer | 1981. The salmon-run bridge collapsed yesterday afternoon.No trains have come on the CanadianPacific for a week. MATSQUI FLYBALL & AGILITY CLUB Conformation Obedience Rally Agility . Press | Harrison and Centerville are almostentirely inundated. inLondon to cause a wholesale outbreak inSicily.LIMIT OF TAXATION.Italian Statesmen Have Not YetReached It.The Country Can Stand a GreaterDrain Than Has Been MadeUpon It.Rome, May 30.— budget debate wasresumed in the Chamber of Deputies today. Chancellor yon Caprivi'ssubsequent explanation of the conduct ofthe German delegates conclusively provedthis to be a fact, Mr. Chaplin reviewedthe bimetallic movement on the Continentand pointed out especially the importanceof President Cleveland's power to re-Bummon the conference, adding:"My answer to the argument that anagreement as to the ratio between silverand gold is impossible is that the bimetallist will accept any ratio rather than continue as now, and silver is so sensitivethat Us market price wili conform to anyfixed international ratio. In november, inspectors have even easier than 0. On north side of the dyke there is a golf course (Kings Links), farm land at its best, acres of greenhouses, the Delta Airport, etc. AtItiparU the river has fallen one foot. Mic/Getty "Everybody fucks around in prison," 60-year-old Sally* told Mic in a phone interview. Catharine, Ontario, May 30.— Thesteamer Ctty of Windsor carried awayall the four eates of the Lock atPort Dathouse on the old Welland canalabout 7:45 o'clock this morning. Barton, in a statement tothe police, denied that he had assaultedanybody. Lons, May 30.— Memorial day wasobserved here to-day in the usual manner,the graves in the National Cemetery atJefferson Barracks and those in the greatcity cemeteries being lavishly decorated.Salt Lake, May 30.— Decoration daywhs observed here by thousands of peoplewho scattered flowers in memory of thedead. Bradner was named after Thomas Bradner, a settler in the area who homesteaded there in 1895. 1732 Birth of Jean-Claude Trial composer. Most of the members were in theirseats and the oublic galleries were crowded Signor Sonnino, Minister of Finance,addressed the Chamber in reply to thecriticisms that had been made of his financial policies. Chaplin also said: "If silver continues to fall there is no reason why wheat6bould not cheapen indefinitely. Glasgow pleaded guilty in 2011 to manslaughter in the 2010 shooting death of Terry Scott in a McDonald’s bathroom during a drug deal gone wrong." The inscriptioncaused a riot. 103. 204. Jean-Claude Trial, composer . Finally oneof them threatened to strike him with astool. Heremonstrated, and the party turned onhim and struck him. We contend that both metalswould perform equal functions, whileon tiie other band we say it is notwise for a creditor to embarrass his debtorby monetary chances. The Post was published and edited by John Alexander Bates, and it was the first paper targeted specifically at the Abbotsford area. lie compared the commercial development of Italy with that ofother Europeon states, ana showed thatin late years the exports had increased andthe balance of commodities in her favorhad improved.In addition, adoption of the Governmentprinciples would result in an increase of34.C00.000 lire in the metallic reserve, a reduction of 80.0W.000 lire in the note circulation, a reduction In the cold premiumfrom 15 to about 11 per cent and, a rise inthe quotation of Italian rentes i« Parisfrom 72 to 73. 1738 Gotthard Wagner composer, dies at age 59. He began: '"The only 9xcnse oneof my generation can ofter for speakinghere is to assure the veterans that thisday shall not die with them. SUMMARY. 800 465-3636 It has 700 people, andthe nearest railroad and telegraph point isCoulee City. General Hewstoncarried an umbrella and used it to defendhimself. 217. The wreath was inscribed"To Joan of Are, abandoned by royalty,burned by the church." The Mission railroad bridgeis expected to go every hour. "The failure of the Brussels conferencewas no argument against this, and it hassince been clearly proven that nothing butthe action of the English delegates brokeup the conference. M. Felix Faure; War,General Morcier; Finance, M. Poincarre.It was decided at n meeting of. Tne town* of Chilli woe. 203. He expostulated with them and requested that he be allowed to pass. Some of the prospective team were seeu, and they werevery enthusiastic over the future programme. ... Players born between 1996 - 2010 are eligible to play Matsqui … HeIs positive in his statement that the killingwas entirely by accident, and declares heonly lifted his umbrella in defense.BULGARIAN FACTIONS.Fighting With the Tacit Approvalof the Prince.Sofia, May 30— R val meetings of thegupportera of M. Mambuloff and of theopposition party were held tr.-night.After the meeting the two parties cametogether and a conflict followed. Will you open your mints tosilver by agreement '? 4 passenger train, with EngineerJames Hubbard at the throttle, pulled awayfrom Abbottsford twenty minutes behindtime. The lower falls trial is a good trial for almost any fitness level and it leads to a very pretty waterfall along Gold Creek (there is an upper falls if you are adventurous). K'llyaud a number or labor leaders addressedthe meeting, after which they marchedback to camp.Washington. Exactly a year ago, Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to 81 months in prison for fatally shooting Chicago teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times. that dyke upgrade expenditure information presented to the Abbotsford Mission Water and Sewer Commission be circulated to Council with a breakdown of the costs for the Matsqui and Sumas Prairie dykes and the James Treatment Plant. When thenation has forgotten the battlefields whereit won its gre-atest victories it will net forget the burial places where its greatestdead rest. I'aynewan present and heard the address, butsaid nothtne.SPLIT IN THE RANKS.Kelly Loses a Large Part of HisArmy.The California Contingent Will Qo toWashington Under a NewLeader.St. The farmersare taking passages on steamers and bringing their families here. 221. Eagles are quite prevalent. Full text of "British Columbia, the Pacific Province of Canada" See other formats This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Two sleepers and one coach,besidrs the smoker and baggage, rive in all,began burning immediately, and all butone were consumed.Engineer Hubbard was found lying atthe edge of his cab so terribly scalded fromescaping steam that he died in about tenminutes.Fireman Bearhart was dead In the cabwhen found, having been scalded to death.,!af State strictly adheres to his pr^grimmeconcermue the sale of bill-*. About | The general will be arraigned in the morning in the ClerkenwellPol'ce Court.General Hewston is a Californian. Mud Bay Regional Park - 56k B. True to its name, The Great Trail embodies the vastness of our terrain and the diversity of our people. Whole Tillages on thebauks of the streAm are afloat. "One thing at least I have learned sincethe cessation of silver purchases last year—that cheap silver is an effective stimulusto Aiiatic exports, and this beingthe case, we have got to consider silver and the tariff not astwo issues but as one. The trail offers a number of activity options. If the financial estimateswere not approved the budget would be delayed for more than two years, when itwould probably be too late to remedy thesituation by vigorous and orompt action.Signor Sonnino was loudly cheered as heresumed his seat and Premier Crispiwarmly congratulated htm.CAUSED A RIOT.The Wreath That Was Placed on theTomb of Joan of Arc.Paris, May 30.— This being the anniversary of the death of Joan of Arc deputations from eeveral Masonic lodges today placed a large floral wreath upon tliestatue of the Maid of Orleans in the linedcs Ptramldei. Thegreat representative leader sounds a keynote for future campaigns by declaringthat silver and the tariff must be regarded"not as tv»o issues but as one," and>ays that the depreciation ofsilver is vastly increasing theexport business of silver nations representing 700,000,000 of people. 213. A Meetup group with over 1559 members. The Poco Trail is one of the most popular rides in Metro Vancouver. Casslmir-Peiier.BISHOP PAROI'S WRATH.Very Indignant Against Certain HighChurch Practices.Baltimore, May 30.— The address ofBishop Parot of the Maryland EpiscopalG mention at Enianuel Church this morning made a stir. He spoke of pastors whowere a scaudalous offense to their brethren,and said those who had broken over thechurch ritual had perjured themselves before God. 1734 England and Russia sign trade agreement. Bradner was formerly part of the District of Matsqui, which in 1995 was amalgamated into the City of Abbotsford. The bimetallicprojects of the future are more promisingand 1 can assure our foreign friends thatthe recent bm.etallic debate in the Houseof Commons Wia devoid of importance.The discussion of the matter was attemptedagainst the advice 01 its friends and theresult was inevitable, seeing that no divi-Bion was possible. Deputy de Felicewas the chiet of the Fasci di Lavoratori,and be denied in detail each of the chargesagainst him, saying bis meeting at Marseilles with Cipriani, the Socialist exile,had nothing to do with any plot to cause arevolution in Sicily of elsewhere. Walk along the dyke, see the mountains to the east, the mighty Fraser River, the trains going over the old swing bridge, fields full of berries, or cows, go find the hidden pond (west of the bridge), if you walk far enough east you may come across a little surprise (if they are still located in the same spot) - Exotic animals which are trained and used in the film industry). At a late hourthe rioting was renewed and the rioterswere charged by the police before theycould ba dispersed. Amuog the farmers livingalong the river a bad state of affairs is reported. "One thing at least you may rely upon—you will not liud the Republican partyoffering the other cheek as these Democratic gentlemen do. Keisgaw or B'.innell. Therefore, from thepoint of view of the speaker, it was farcical and ridiculous to attribute the fall inprices to that cause. ;*73 and the subsequent divergerce of theirlative values of metals which enabledtie silver-using countries, like ludia, toexport wheat at the present low price.Mr. C, May 30.— Fraserriver hat L>i\.k»n into a rog ng torrent,dealing destruction and
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